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Problems in EH10 Edinburgh area 11 - outages

Tuning in

I've been with virgin for 2 months. I have never ever experienced such a poor ISP in my life.

I have had outages almost DAILY. Each time.i call I'm informed there is complicated/complex issue being investigated. When I call, I've asked about the constant outages and no one can give me an answer. It apears the infrastructure is at fault in my opinion, as what else would cause this.

Please can someone from virgin explain to me what is going on before I take to X



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Same here in Fairmilehead....getting boring now.

My Broadband Ping - EH10

Tuning in

It's down AGAIN. 

Tuning in

Problem has been going on in EH10 since at least 27th February, is occasionally fixed, and services work for a few hours or minutes, but when it is supposedly fixed the connection is truly awful. I have sent repeated service status reports to virgin (think 30 at last count), have been on phone to them a number of times, they simply repeat the information in the automated message about it being a complex issue and add nothing new to the information.

I have asked now for compensation for the loss/poor connectivity as being dumped out of work teams calls is really not helpful to productivity.

The call I had yesterday with them, on the call the tickets were updated to suggest it will be the 26th of March before the Broadband, phone, and Tv issues are potentially resolved. That's a month. There's a couple of thousand customers in EH10. 

I would urge everyone to phone and report, get ticket raised, and get some focus on this as it feels like the "complex" issue that has been going since February is going to just keep moving outward in it's resolution time (and yes I check the service status multiple times daily as this is what has been happening for over 3 weeks now - it moves by a few hours, a day, a few days or in yesterdays case, a week).

I’m in EH10 and the broadband has been flaky for weeks but effectively unusable the last couple of evenings. The expected date to fix problems of 19 March has been put back to 26 March. With another large increase next month it doesn’t encourage me to stick around.

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500mb connection, here is some recent speedchecks:


same evening about 40 mins later




26th was the latest email update I got this morning.

look at my signature below and you can see the issues in my area. 

My Broadband Ping - EH10

So far today’s connection has been stable. A new email came through still suggesting the 26th.

My Broadband Ping - EH10


 apparently fixed.

My Broadband Ping - EH10

Hi @MarkCV1, thank you for your post.

We can see you're currently being impacted by a Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) outage, which has an estimated end date of 2 April at 1:35pm.

Apologies for any inconvenience this causes.


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And so it begins once more.

My Broadband Ping - EH10