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Problem reporting spam to

Dialled in

Since the long outage I now seem to get emails but I have encountered anothe problem.

I report spam to, but now when I report it tells me this:


Mailhost configuration problem, identified internal IP as source

Please correct this situation - register every email address where you receive spam

No source IP address found, cannot proceed.
When I try to re-register  the email address (because it worked ok before) as it suggestsI get this: 
Host (checking ip) IP not found ; discarded as fake.
Sorry, SpamCop has encountered errors:

The email sample you submitted for
appears to traverse more than one domain.  
Please ensure that you configure each mailhost individually and in order.



I presume this is due to the changes made by Virgin as it all worked firne before


Can somebody from Virgin (who hopefully understands how the configuration is set up) tell me if this is permenant?

I presume it is not 'normal practice' and is something to do with the 'fix'






The error is correct does not have a DNS entry it is a fake host name.

Check this out at :    

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @aderussell .

Thanks for reaching out to us. As you are aware we are still in the mist of fixing the most recent outage with customers emails. Can I ask, how are you trying to access your emails, via webclient on Virgin Media website or third party email client?

Please let us know. 


Hi, Thanks for the response.

I am using Thunderbird on my laptop.

I use CNTRL U to show the complete message (with headers) then cut and paste this into the reporting page of SPAMCOP.NET

It should then comes up with a report  to send to the ISP it actually comes from

I have been using this method for many many years , but since whatever change has been applied to Viirgin it reports as shown in my original post. This is every time I attempt to report spam.

Hi @aderussell 👋.

Ah ok, I see, have you found the manual settings for applying accounts to Thunderbird? 
These are the settings should you wish to use them 👉 Email settings.

Should the issue persist then it would be related to the outage and would advise until the outage is resolved to hold off with gaining access to any emails.


Thinderbird is configured ok as I can send and receive emails

I have had an email telling me the problem has been fixed for my emails on virgin

I have just tried to report spam to and still get the same message back from spamcop

So what is  Host  ?-   This only crops up since the outage problem


Thanks for confirming this @aderussell 

Do you get the same error when using another client at all such as gmail or outlook?

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

I also use Outlook 2010 on my desktop PC and get the same error

If I report spam received via a gmail account I do not have a problem

It really seems to be just virgin emails

I have worked in IT for over 20 years, but emails is not something I have ever got involved in (or understood)

As it seems to be something to do with Host dcbe62-prd-nl1-vmo.nl1.unified.service, can you tell me if this is something specific to the Virgin mail configuration ,and if it is something that has been added as part of the recent fix?


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

In complete honesty with you - it's not something I hold the answers to, so I couldn't say for certain. What I can do though is ask the relevant teams and get back to you on this - I appreciate it's not the ideal answer at the moment but it's the best I can give currently. 


Just to check also - I can see you mention it's every time you try and report spam, has this happened on just the one above or has there been multiple? 




It is on all. I have even tried parsing a NON  spam mail through spamcop (in case it was something common to all the spam I got). The mail thaat was not spam gave the same error from spamcop.

So it is all mail via virgin. Not specifically spam, any mail.