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Port forwarding  and Minecraft with Virgin Hub 3 set to Modem only

Tuning in

While my Hub 2 set to modem only allowed my Netgear router to do Port forwarding  for Minecraft. Hub 3 does not. Hub 3 Modem only mode does not work - see my post about Hub 3 modem only mode.

So. to get round this i:
1. Have Hub 3 set to router as well as connect my netgear as a router 
2. Set up netgear port forwarding  as normal
3. BUT also add a port forwrding using  the same port number  but for the Netgear router, so the hub forwarder uses the minecraft port 25565 but for the IP address of the netgear.
4. Then the local minecraft connects to My Ip:25565, and the friend connects as normal using  mu Ip address.

hope this is a help.


Alessandro Volta

Who are you? VM trying to prove router mode is fine and connect a router to router mode? over my dead body!