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Poor broadband and hub3 not recognised on VM App

Tuning in

My broadband foe the past few weeks has been terrible. The VM App cannot see Hub3 either.

Everything rebooted, reset, disconnected and reconnected... too many times.

18 years with Sky and never had to call them once. 2 years with virgin and having to reboot router too many times and connectivity regularly drops.

Please help 



It is more reliable to manage the Hub 3 via its admin menu at http://192.1668.0.1/  

Repeated reboots of the Hub seldom fix anything.
Re-install the VM Connect app and make sure DNS Changers + VPNs + Apple Relay are all disabled. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello ToneLoc01


We can see you have raised this in an alternate thread to which we have replied, we'd ask to not raise the same issue over multiple posts as this can delay the response time and convolute the information and support given. We will ask for this thread to be closed but please feel free to reply via the other thread which will remain open.