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Payment extension?

Joining in

Hiya there im having difficulty with my payment i dont get paid till the 26th may is there any chance you can keep my services on till the 26th may where im able to make this payment please  has i need my WiFi please



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You possibly want to edit this to remove your email address!

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Alessandro Volta

Forum staff can't deal with payments. Your best route is to phone in and choose the 'thinking of leaving us' option. The staff there may be able to help you. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Tuning in

You should ring accounts and let them know you are having difficulties.

I am pretty sure any business will want to keep customers, even through these difficult times.

The problem with any account problems is that a company has to know you are in difficulty, otherwise they cannot rectify any issues you may have. They may even be able to either change the date they take the direct debit or indeed agree to another form of payment.

Don't worry, just try talking to them first.

Try reading this for more help

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Johnson2 

Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

We can't assist with payments here but you do have options if you are unable to pay your bill and I an see the community has provided you with the relevant link with further info 😊

All the best!

Forum Team

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