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Ordering Wi-Fi pods for Hub 5x

On our wavelength


Can someone provide the phone number for Hub 5x team. Chat support just gives the general number and refuse to assist further with ordering Wi-Fi Max hubs.

Have a Volt Package and getting less than 30Mb/s in our kitchen


On our wavelength

A few corrections or updates to posts on this forum (in general not this thread specifically). Some of the info below is widely known but until I go my first pod I had assumed from reading stuff here that ethernet backhaul was to be problematic. Not so in my experience.

White Pods - Plume PowerPod and Plume SuperPod


I have a PowerPod PP01-VM v1.1 with a single RJ45 linked with Ethernet backhaul to a Hub 5x working fine. No magic tinkering needed. It works as a mesh node without the network cable too.  Maybe a version/firmware update, who knows, but it works. The PowerPod with the single RJ45 can auto-sense the mode:

“Ethernet Port * Single 100Mb/1Gb Ethernet port operating as WAN or LAN * Auto-detection of WAN or LAN functionality”.


Black WiFi Pod - VM branded Sagemcom Fast 266  (WiFi 6)

Specification – WiFi 6


OpenSync Mesh

All three pods, white and black use OpenSync to connect to the VM Hub 5x.

The white pods actually running a newer version of OpenSync than the black.


Sooooo..... the pods all work with the Hub 5x. They are not all the same specification but below M500 they pretty much all do the same job. Ethernet cable backhaul if you can (so you don't lose half your bandwidth straight off).

Ordering? Painful as it seems: Skip the app. Skip WhatsApp. I would call. Or try and see if a mod on here will help.

Brilliant summary, thank you! White Pod now arrived and I'm happy to hear it will work (not set up yet). From what I can see it's an automated system so you cannot request a certain colour. They only send Black Pods out for customer on Gig1 or higher packages (maybe M500, not 100% sure).

Also agree on calling, just be persistent and attempt to call in quite times. I found Sunday morning around 10am to be a very quick answer.