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Ongoing broadband and intermittent connection issues

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Hi All

I have already posted about this problem which has been ongoing since February but do not seem to be getting anywhere. My V6 box constantly disconnects from the internet and white up and down arrows appear static on the panel on the V6 box so I have to reboot the box and the router for it to temporarily fix the issue. Despite numerous calls to faults team 4 engineer visits and liaising with one of the Virgin media moderators nothing has been fixed. Last engineer said if issues persist router may require changing. I ran the on line diagnostics and it says there are issues with the broadband but when I click next it is just a blank page so what more can I do.

Can someone please help.


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If the V6 box is connected by WiFi, that may be the cause of the problem. Are other devices experiencing similar issues with disconnections?

I (or one of the other members of this community) could check the router stats for you. To do this, go to and copy the upstream, downstream and network logs please - it will fail the first time but second time it will post.

I do not work for VM, just trying to help!

Thanks for your response my moderator has replied to me so I will wait and see what they come back with. I am not technical so would probably need someone to help me with copying the upstream and downstream I am in my mid 60s.

No worries - good to hear that the mods contacted you but I’ll try to help you figure out exactly what is going on so you’ve got that info if an engineer is needed again 🙂 


So with the router logs, I’ll try and explain these as well as I can:

1. Put into a web browser

2. It may ask for a settings password - this password is on the bottom of the VM Hub/router.  It will then ask you to change the password. Change it, then click ‘log out’

3. Click check router status - there should be three tabs with the data I’m asking for - the network logs and upstream and downstream stats

If you need further help, let me know and I’ll try my best! 

I do not work for VM, just trying to help!

Thanks for your advice. I will wait and see what happens with the moderator and will get back to you if I need further assistance.