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New black pods ?

Fibre optic


Are we getting new black pods just seen this on the connect app ?


Fibre optic


Fibre optic

Both types of Virgin Media WiFi Pods use the same mesh technology to boost your home WiFi coverage. The key difference – apart from the colour – is that a WiFi Pod (white) plugs straight into a socket, while a WiFi Pod (black) has a power cable that connects the Pod to your power socket.

This can mean that a WiFi Pod (black) has a little more flexibility when it comes to where you plug it in.

thought they might be WiFi6 no difference nothing too see here lol 

2023-11-26 09.35.10.jpg

2023-11-26 09.35.24.jpg

My new black pod arrived yesterday - quite surprising as I was expecting the old white plugin kind.

These look far nicer though - like a little brother to the Hub5. They do say WiFi6 Certified. And two ethernet ports.

Sadly there's nothing that I, the Connect App or Virgin Media support can do to make them actually work and connect to my VM Hub's WiFi...

Hi @mobailey thanks for you post here in the Community although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

We can see that since your post, you've received support on this via other methods - we know this has been raised internally and as soon as the team are able to provide you with an update or fix, they will do so as soon as possible.
Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Many thanks


Dialled in

Thanks Tom_W1  - all sorted out and connected now - thanks to VM who were able to "provision" the pod to link it to my hub last night.

Fibre optic

those look far more practical too 🙂 would be great if they had wired backhaul capability

My Broadband Ping - Virgin Modem Mode

Fibre optic

Are they any good ? 

On our wavelength

I have 2 of these new pods now, paired to my Hub5, and have been told that they support wired backhaul (the two ports on the back of the pod just say "Internet" above each one). There is no way to know for sure from the VM Connect app how they are connecting back to the Hub5, so I am getting a long ethernet cable in the next few days to run one out of wireless range to verify it is indeed using ethernet, and not wireless backhaul.

My WI-FI scanner reports the pods support a/n/ac/ax at 2402 Mbps on 5GHz, and b/g/n at 286.8Mbps on 2.4GHz, so the same as the Hub5 except Hub5 has 430.1Mbps on 2.4GHz.

I like that they look like mini versions of the Hub5 with the cloth trim, and the separate power adapter (with about 2m cable) which personally suits me better, as it allows me better positioning than directly plugged into a socket (on a shelf/desk etc).

Does anyone actually know how to get these pods to work? I've just received 2 of them and when I plug them in the light keep cycling from blue pulsating to green pulsating then to white and back to blue! They aren't showing up on my connect app either! I also had the white ones that kept working for like a week then would disconnect from my hub 5 and wouldn't reconnect