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New Hub5 and AMPLIFI mesh

Tuning in

Hi. For nearly 3 years was using hub3 in modem mode with AMPLIFI Gamers Edition mesh system with 2 extra mesh points around the house. Has been excellent. Didn’t really need to change but why not??
Upgraded to hub5 today and used quickly in router mode with AMPLIFI unplugged. So far seems very good downstairs by the router but speeds dropping off on 1st floor and half speed on 2nd floor. Usable but not great. To be expected? Questions are:

do I try the virgin boosters (will I even qualify for free boosters if download speed 300 on 2nd floor?), or do I plug the AMPLIFI back in and use the mesh points?

Can’t go back to hub3 and AMPLIFI I presume? And shouldn’t have to I guess.

Will the AMPLIFI Gamers Edition work with the Wi-Fi 6 of the hub5, or restrict speeds as it is not Wi-Fi 6? 

Any help much appreciated. 3 people working from home, 1 serious gamer and loads of Wi-Fi devices depend on a good outcome 😅


The HUB 5 uses a coax copper cable to connect to the VM network, the HUB 5x uses a fibre cable.

Thank you again. Apologies, this must be quite painful for everyone!

I have a Hub5 then. So according to previous replies I should be able to put it in modem mode and connect the mesh router. Back to the drawing board….

Did you reboot the mesh router after swapping the HUBs?

Tuning in

I don’t recall doing so at the very outset. I have certainly done so since. 
I had to factory reset mesh router as I couldn’t connect to it via the app it has. Also had to factory reset the hub5 to get it back out of modem mode as using the Ethernet cable and IP address didn’t work 

Alessandro Volta

mesh are a pain to setup and may not work in areas where VM run proxy ARP.

Try modem mode with a PC if that works look to get a router


Hi again. I started from scratch, renamed the hub5, changed it to modem and rebooted. Followed the AMPLIFI instructions to connect the mesh router. Powered them up, connected the Ethernet cables. All seemed to be ok then the mesh router dropped its connection to the hun5 modem, says no IP address, check network or contact ISP. Any ideas?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Just an observation.  I would only work on the Hub or Router with a single cable connection.  If you connect a laptop or PC to the Hub 5 in modem mode, it should respond on  I've done this countless times with various Hubs and it always works? 

Same with your Router, it has ethernet ports and should be accessible via it's standard LAN IP address, e.g.,, etc. etc.

I wouldn't try to configure anything over Wifi or using Apps, and would really only recommend a cabled connection.  As the Amplify is a Unifi product, have you checked those Forums for any tips?

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