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Moving home Virgin not available

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I’m due to move house shortly and after checking the new postcode Virgin isn’t available at my new property, but I want to take it with me as I 1) work from home and need great reliable internet and 2) don’t want want to have to pay out of my contract.

Is there anyway I can get Virgin to be installed? I know they have it in the immediate area, just not on the small road the house I am buying is on. 



Well the good news is that following a recent change of policy, if you move to a non VM serviced area, then you no longer have to pay the early disconnection fee.

Realistically though, there is virtually no chance of getting them to install in the road, at least not in the short to medium term. You will need to start investigating alternative suppliers.

Really? Thank you. When did the policy change? Do you have a link for this? So I have it for when I inevitability have to speak with someone about it. 

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Very Insightful Person

Hi @loll_83 

Here is the link to the VMO2 announcement 

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Hi @loll_83

Welcome to the community. 

Sorry to hear that the home you're moving to is in a non serviceable area. It is true that we have removed early disconnections fees for customers that are moving to non serviceable property, there are some steps before we do this, such as proof being supplied to us to show you are moving to the address that we cannot provide a service. If you know your move date you can start the process here. Please bear in mind that we'll need at least 30 days notice of your home move. 
If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come back to us here at community, we're happy to help if needed. 

Here to help 🙂
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I have been on a rolling contract for the past few months as I am looking to move home in the next year and didn’t want to incur an early termination fee, in case the property I move to is not in a VM serviced area.

Having seen this post and link to the official communication I decided to call up today and start a new 18 month contract. Not only were the people I spoke with oblivious to this new change of terms but, after pointing the comms out to them and agreeing a new contract, the T’s & C’s I’ve received still state that I will be charged an ETF for moving to a non-serviced area!

I had to call back twice before speaking with someone who was aware of these changes but also admitted that, despite being implemented in February, the T’s & C’s were still not updated, nor were the contractual wording which they must read out to customers. 

So, whilst it is great that VM have finally recognised to lift this unfair fee to its customers, the agreement is still very much a gentlemen’s agreement!

Hello Sharpy1981, 

When you do call us to move home, please let us know on here if the process is not adhered to.

We can take a look at this and ensure you it all goes as planned.



Same issue for me - i am planning to move home and at the new location virgin media is still being setup. By any chance can i have some sort of 4g/5g router that i can use (and remain on the current package) i.e. untill virgin has finalised its setup at the new location? Address below for reference MK5 6NE




HI shahzadtanveer, 

Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Community. 

I am very sorry to hear the service is not yet available at your new home. Have you been provided with a time scale for when it will be?

I have attempted to check the postcode provided but this is not showing as a valid UK postcode from our side. This can sometimes happen if the property is on a new build estate. 

Can you please confirm if your new home is a new build or under construction? 




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Hi, this is the case with me too. Does anyone know whether or not the early cancellation fee still no longer applies? The thing is, I've tried to give a month's notice, but I can't get through to anyone in customer service by phone or chat at all. It's very frustrating.