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Moved into new home, no internet.

Tuning in

The engineer came out to my new home on saturday and said the internet at my old house wouldnt work now but it did continue to work, i moved all my virgin gear over yesterday, plugged it all in and no connection.


Alessandro Volta

Did you go through the formal moving process with VM to set up the move to your new home?

No i grabbed an engineer off the street and had him install everything for me.

Alessandro Volta

Bit hard to follow this. You said you had a VM tech at your new home on Saturday but that VM tech was only there because you happened to meet them in the street?

See reply from nodrogd here on a similar topic

You need to call VM to advise them that you have moved home and to update your account accordingly

no i was being sarcastic lol of course i went through the formal moving process thats how i had an engineer at my new house.

So i called up virgin 3 weeks ago and told them i am moving, they closed my account and created a new one with a new contract for the remaining 8 monthsof my 18 month contract.

They booked an engineer for saturday who came and fitting the wall box inside my lounge and upstairs bedroom, he told me my internet would no longer work at my old house from this point onwards which was incorrect. 

He told me i need to bring my stuff and its literally plug and play. The tv box works but no internet.

Alessandro Volta

Sounds like it hasn't been activated.

What has the old house got to do with it? 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Alessandro Volta

Probably best to avoid sarcasm as it doesn't travel that well via the medium of forum posts, especially since you are asking contributors on here to try to help you and your first post contained so little detail and information.

There is a second post from nodrogd here which gives some info on hub lights and what they might mean

Possibly you have a connection or activation problem (probably the latter if you have already had a tech out to install).

Call VM and explain the problem. If it is an activation problem they may be able to deal with that remotely.

One of the VM forum team will also reply here in due course but it might not be for a few days.

Because he told me the old house would no longer have internet after he finished installing his stuff. (i organised this to be done on saturday but was actually moving in until monday), so over the weekend i continued to use internet at the old house when he said that would not be possible.

it was jokingly not disrespectully dont worry about that. yep ok i will give virgin a call, it just threw me how the technician said it would be plug and play but its not as i have to activate over the phone. Thanks

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Call the equipment activation number on - 0800 953 9500 (follow options) and check with them.

You will need the Model numbers, serial numbers/MAC addresses off the barcode stickers of ALL pieces of kit and also your account number


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