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Mac filtering

Joining in

I have the new Hub 5 and have set up my wireless network and when I went to set up Mac filtering as I don't want my kids watching TV all night, I click on the radio button beside the device and every time it tells me the device name is not valid.

I have tried every device. I have tried renaming the devices.

Any ideas please?



Once a week I write to explain to a customer how to Disable Wireless MAC Filtering when they have locked out critical or all devices and VM Connect either can't connect to the Hub or fails to display the list of blocked devices.

If you must do this, connect to the Hub 5 at  and in the menus go to Wireless >>> Security >>> Wireless MAC Filtering.

Just be aware that Wireless MAC Filtering is not an effective tool for blocking current mobiles & computers, if an old fellow like me can evade it in a blink your kids will have it cracked in hours or days.

Education first, enforcement only as last resort.

I know how to do it but the named device is not recognised since I got the Hub 5?

Sorry device name is not valid it says??

You need a better router

MAC filtering is for blocking external intrusion, it can be used, but you're saying dont use MAC filtering because someone in the house can learn to Spoof. Yes, not useful, but yes.

Personaly I'm just watching a circle spinning on the MAC page, and was googling to find out why. So you are VM tech support, and you don't agree with MAC filtering because it's powerful enough to cause you extra work? That's just horrifically unprofesional. I don't suppose you have a degree in a computer related feild then?

Imagine saying dont bother MAC filtering for everyone on the internet, because you dont like phone calls. Disgusting mate, absolutely abhorrent attitude.

Alessandro Volta

It is what it is....😱


Up to speed

I use WiFi Blocker - its brilliant