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Location Services not working

Joining in

I got my 1Gig broadband installed on 12th March morning. But since then, any of the apps which uses location services are either not working at all or showing incorrect location.

1. On iPhone, Google Maps and Apple Maps shows I am in a different location which is like 2-3 kms away.

2. On iPad, Google Maps and Apple Maps don’t work at all.

3. On iPhone dating apps such as Grindr, Tinder, etc. don’t load at all. 
4. On iPhone / iPad, if I open Google in a browser and use “my precise location” it throws an error “Can’t update your location”.

5. Same issue with my friend’s iPad and iPhone if connected to Virgin Media broadband.

6. If I switch to cellular, everything starts working fine. 

Virgin Media CS informed that moving to IPV4 from IPV6 will help. Does that even makes sense? Please help. Otherwise I’ll have to switch broadband providers. 


Community elder

Are you based in Ireland?

VM only use IPV6 in Ireland.


Check GPS is enabled on the phone, this is how precise location is derived.

Yes I am based in Ireland. VM works if I go my friend’s house and use their VM connection but doesn’t work in my house

Everything works if I switch to cellular. It just doesn’t work on VM broadband. 


Have you skipped allowing the apps to use GPS ?

If I had done that, it wouldn’t work on cellular or other WiFi’s either 


That assumption is false.

Even in flight mode a mobile should know exactly where it is from GPS.

Alessandro Volta

I don't know if VM in Ireland are different, but here in the UK they don't offer anything called Location Services as part of their contract.

Companies like Google will associate your WAN IP with your location based on data that they get from your online activity. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.


Location Services are more a function of the mobiles phone, it derives location based on coarse to fine resolution depending available data. Things like being outdoors where GPS is good to, being in an building where cell tower triangulation can be used, to being in a office sub basement so a guess of the Wi-Fi locations occurs as no other clues are available.  

But as we have seen many times the guess of an IP can be within the same country and that is good enough access to regional services, but no good for navigation of a car. Or not in the same country when a VPN is used. Apple Relay can also give false location info because it is also a VPN with an exit point that might be close or far.

Links below give a clue as to what is being guessed for the Public IP you are using on Wi-Fi and via GSM data,
Apps are also available to display the GSM data from the mobile.