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Latency Spikes

Joining in

Hi all, had Virgin installed almost 3 weeks ago now, and have been experiencing hourly latency spikes which apparently are due to the remote speed test virgin conduct on the new Hub 5x, tried phoning customer support, the “specialised” team I was transferred to genuinely asked “what is latency” and then proceeded to tell me that I haven’t been experiencing high latency and that it’s highest has been 7ms, I told her I have it recorded on with the BQM, she then proceeded to tell me this is an outdated website (Virgin moderators on community forums literally told me to use this) and that I should use Samknows to monitor it, seen many posts about this same issue and most have said that having an engineer wasn’t able to fix it, just looking for advice and what the best thing to do would be, or if there’s any way to fix it, apparently the tests aren’t mean to happen if network activity is detected, but this happens whether I’m gaming or not, was wondering if maybe there’s something that will create enough traffic to make it so that activity is detected which also won’t hinder my gaming experience too much.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello meill


We're sorry to hear of the connection issues regarding your Hub 5x, we understand the frustration and concern this can cause. Welcome to the community.


Due to the Hub you have and the connection type, we aren't able to support via the forums in instances such as these. If you give the team a call on 150 from a Virgin Media landline or 0345 454 1111 from any other line, option 1, then option 2 this will get you through to the broadband technical team who will be happy to look into this further for you.

There is a dedicated set aside to assist with Hub 5x, we appreciate you have contacted these previously with little success but we would ask you to contact them again as they have the tools to help support with your Hub and query.