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Internet drops after midnight for last few nights

Joining in


recently we been losing internet after midnight for several hours regularly and it's back by the morning.

Are there any upgrades going on in this area that we have not been made aware of? (Airband are running new broadband cables in the area)

I tried calling support but automated system always responds with intermittent issues and unable to run automated tests.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Robdd2 

Welcome back to the community forums

Sorry to hear you're having issues with your services after midnight. 

We aren't able to run the full checks on the systems at our side as your hub is in modem mode, but what I have been able to check all looks good with no issues identified in the area or within the hubs spec. This maybe as the issue is not happening during the day. 

Since you last posted on Wednesday, are you still getting total loss of service at night?

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Hi Carly_S,

Thanks for your reply
it may be coincidental but since the workmen seem to have moved to elsewhere we have not had any significant overnight dropouts.
However, I think they are running broadband cables all over this area so will that mean further dropouts??

Hello Robdd2

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry we are a bit late in getting back to you.

Great news that the service is back to normal.

To answer your question about the cabling being run. It would be impossible to say it will affect your connection.

Our networks all end up at one server, however with the underground infrastructure being extremely complex. The new cabling will not interfere with anything at all. 

The best thing to do is let us know asap if you notice a drop again. Or you can check our service status page here 

We are always here if you need anything else.