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Intermittent broadband loss

Joining in


I've tried to speak to customer support on the phone twice now, first time they monitored my connection for 24 hours and found nothing wrong, second time i got disconnected with no call back.

I've been having issues for a while now where we will lose connection for anywhere between a few seconds and a few minutes. The hub does not restart, but our phones will disconnect from the wifi detecting no internet. I have a wired connection to a pc and TP link connection to a different PC, both lose internet during these issues. I've unplugged everything from the hub and it still happens over wifi only.

VM can't seem to detect it from their end because i got a text during one of these losses saying they were monitoring and everything looked okay. I've set up a monitor but i've been running ping tests in the meantime on different devices and these are the results.

Any suggestions?

image.pngScreenshot 2024-04-04 193926.pngScreenshot 2024-04-04 194227.png



On our wavelength

What hub do you have?

Hub 3.0, only joined virgin around 4 months ago too

On our wavelength

Can you log into the Hub, and upload your Network status? This can normally be done by going to

Advanced Settings > Tools > Network Status. 

Copy all of the info in all of those tabs and throw them in here. You'll need to post more than one reply as you'll hit the character limit.