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I cant access the website, but when i use vpn or moblie data, it works

Joining in

Im getting fed up with the customer service not having a clue about my issue, let me explain, im trying to access:

My friend whose on virgin media can get the "realtime" message, i can on mobile data, and also a vpn. I have no child locks nor any virus safety so why on earth is virgin media still blocking this website, i never asked for it to be blocked. Its strange because just last week, it was working fine.



Fibre optic

Have you tried changing DNS provider and then accessing the site? It's one way to bypass certain blocks.

I like they have some setup guides  There's also Google DNS and many others.

Legend works for us.
We are near Colchester, in recent VM routing faults proximity to a failed VM router was the cause.

if you perform a tracert to the site does it work or fail at a VM router node after which there are no responses ?

I live near Nottingham, this was never an issue for me, they gave me a new hub a few days ago and still an issue, maybe there’s works in my area ? It’s just so weird that once it was working and now it isn’t, and sorry what do you mean by tracert? I get a page that says the site took too long to respond although it works on my phone’s mobile data and my pc’s vpn

Only issue is that this site tests your connection to a program that “vision” has, if i change dns server, will this be for the programs in my pc as well as google?


If the current DNS server returns the IP of a change of DNS will make no difference.

Can you explain how i would check please ?


Here is what i got from the tracert test, i dont understand what this means




The tracert  ( trace route ) indicates the traffic in your area is getting stuck at a VM host known as : []

Until VM resolve that issue, your connectivity problems may persist.
It will be interesting see if others in the same locality report similar problems. suggests Nottingham as the locality.