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Hub 5 Power Lead Length.

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How long is the Hub 5 power lead, please? I currently have a Hub 3 (M250) and am looking upgrading to 1Gb speed. Apparently, I will receive a Hub 5 for this. However, I currently use a 3rd party power lead for my Hub 3 as the original was too short. Could anyone advise the length of the Hub 5 power lead, and maybe also a photo of it, please? The photo is just to establish if it is likely to fit where I need it to go.

Thanks in advance for ant help or advice. 



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Yep! (Excuse the dust, measured from either end as I didn't want to unlpug!):

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

More likely you will get a Hub4 - as its an "upgrade".   So check for both.

EDIT: IIRC they both have a power pack which connects on a "kettle" universal power lead - so you can just swap that for a longer one


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The HUB 5 doesn't come with a kettle lead, it's a PSU integrated into the plug (Cable length 66 inches):

Alessandro Volta

Thank you for the info. 66 inches seems really long, though - that's 5 and a half feet! 🙂 

Yep! (Excuse the dust, measured from either end as I didn't want to unlpug!):

Perfect! Thank you so much for that.