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Hub 4 issues

Joining in


I received a free upgrade from my Hub 3 to a newer Hub 4 this week. Although I have working Internet connectivity I can not now access the router settings or even find the router in the VM Connect app. I've read all the sagas on the forums of the many who have the same problem and tried all the solutions multiple times but nothing resolves these issues. Why upgrade people to an unstable setup?

Please advise of any newer solutions, preferably one that works! Perhaps a free upgrade to Hub 5, assuming it works of course!

I await a response either through this forum or privately.

Thank you




It does take a week or so for the details of a new Hub to be updated on VM's systems, when that occurs the Connect app will be able to work again. In the mean time ditch the connect app and manage the Hub at

Yeah thanks for that, I'll see what happens, maybe the VM Connect app will work again. I should have been clearer in saying that I can't access the router by any means at present not even via the IP address, so I have no way of controlling my settings.