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Hub 3 issues sorry for it being long

Joining in

Hi I'm on m350 volt package.. been with vigin sense February.. I called virgin just over a week ago as my pup had damaged the fiber wire I know I'm stupid... bit engineer came out and replaced the wire.. ever sense then I've had issues.. 

So wifi will cut off on all devices for 15s to 1m. Wifi speed is all over the place even in front off the router there is times where ping was 800 + and download speed was in kps. Currently while writing this it's happened again so now on my phone Internet.. this is constant. I've factory reset the hub 3 about 5 times now in a week.. it's constantly asking me to reset the router.. I called virgin now twice and they were 0 help. 1st person said I had to buy a pod which I argued with as its not the speed which is causing the issue plus why would I pay for something I can get 3 for free with volt. The second sounded like he understood but I was wrong.. 45 minute call to go around in circles.. till me am I able to use the service Currently I said yes but it cuts off and the speed drops massively even 3 feet from the router then asks me it again and I said yet again yes I can Currently use it but shortly it will cut off and then he said its all fixed even tho it said everything was fine on his end.. this went on for a while until I got fed up.. while on the phone I logged into the router ip and done a network test it was telling me there was a wifi issue.. I then looked at the network log and it was showing warnings and criticals I told him this and he said don't go on that log out nothing is wrong you don't need to log onto that. And I said well what your saying goes against what I seeing and why would I need to log out because there is an issue and your lying. I'm paying £68 a month to go out wjen the service I'm getting is shocking.. all this started when the fibre was replaced wifi was great before this.. but virgin said no issues when I'm the one with the issues so I think I would know other wise. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for reaching out to us @Jackhayes1996, on our Community Forums, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the issues you've been experiencing with the services since the recent engineer visit.

Can you please confirm if the engineer that has visited you has been contacted?

As per the standard protocol, our engineers would leave contact details for customers to utilise if they experience a re-occurrence shortly after the visit has taken place.