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Hub 3 Woes

Up to speed

Some time ago I posted about how my last contract came with a Hub 3 that was clearly ancient and had a very unpleasant smell and was covered in deep scratch marks.

I am a returning customer and just started a new contract, got sent my kit, and it appears that lightning CAN strike the same place twice! A Hub 3 with something loose rattling around inside, a pull-out WiFi password card that doesn't match the network name of the router, and a red light that appears every now and then when the router falls unstable if it's doing a lot.

Telephone support is useless as ever, chat support goes round in circles. Online leads you to Whatsapp who send you back to web chat. And last time I had to post here to get staff to intervene and finally sort it out... So I guess I am posting again to kindly request that VM staff hopefully read this and can arrange for me to get a new Hub again rather than badly 'refurbished' trash that's clearly not tested - Before I give up and cancel under my cooling off rights. 

Thanks for any support whether that's from staff or other users who have worked out a way of actually getting through by other means to speak to someone helpful rather than being given a sales pitch because "The router is not faulty you just have too many devices connected and need to upgrade to a faster package" 



If the Hub 3 smells of over heating that would be a sound reason to be supplied a replacement Hub.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Yes, all VM kit is rented and recycled, so pot luck really.

However, if the red LED persists after a pinhole reset, the Hub should be swapped out. This red LED is the overheat warning and should be working correctly. If you wait here a couple of days a VM Mod should pick this up and discuss directly with you.

The SSID and both passwords should be on the bottom of the Hub.  You could try another factory reset to be sure it all matches up.  If not, then it's a Hub swap for sure.  It would have been better is the Hub was DOA in some respects by the sound of it.  🙂

Try a 60 second factory pinhole reset as below;
Remove any ethernet cables from the Hub and hold the pinhole reset switch for 60 seconds. Do NOT reboot the Hub, just let it do it's thing. Note you will need the passwords from the bottom of the Hub afterwards, so make sure they are legible. NOTE this will remove any custom settings you may have set in the Hub, and they will all have to be setup again.


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I've done the 60 second pinhole reset and it's very much the same situation. Working but with occasional instabilities where the light will go red. 

The sticker on the bottom of the hub is correct, but the little card you pull out isn't. It's a totally different SSID and password. It's not a huge deal but still far from ideal and definitely suggests that they may not be putting as much effort into refurbishment as they possibly should be if they want to keep recirculating this old equipment.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for contact from VM Staff tomorrow and see if I can get a replacement booked in.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Koda 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Apologies for the issues that you are having with your Hub and the smell that is coming from it. We can certainly assist you, we would need to bring you in for a private message to discuss this and resolve. 

Please look out for the envelope on the top right of your web browser or if you are using a mobile device, it will be located under your profile icon.