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Hub 3.0 rebooting at 2am

Joining in

The Hub 3.0 is rebooting every night at 2am. The connection drops when using the internet at that time and the Hub 3.0 settings show an up time of how ever many hours since 2am. This has been happening every night since the service activation 12 days ago. The previous account holders service was only disconnected the day before and their connection was ok.  There are no outages or maintenance showing on the Virgin Media website. I have tried using the supplied coaxial cable and the one left from the previous account holder. I have tried resetting the Hub 3.0.  I can't get through to a customer service agent via live chat. 


So Tues Morning and reboot happened again @ 02:04am

This is not down to the Hub, as Im on my 2nd Hub 5, and had an engineer in a couple of weeks ago, who re-cabled and re-did all the connectors, and checked the power levels.

Ive another engineer coming tomorrow, but not sure what he can do.




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