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How to block part of a website on websafe

Just joined

I'm looking to block part of a website, rather than the complete website and, if possible, block it between certain hours, across the whole of my house's wifi. I work from home and it's top stop me from messing about when working (lack of willpower, I know).

But if I block, say

it blocks anything on

Is there a way round this?


Alessandro Volta

DNS blocking does not work like that


Fibre optic

If you get a browser extension such as Adblock Plus it lets you block certain parts of a website. You can then right click on the part of the website you want to block and there should be an option there to "block this ad" and it should let you define which area of the site you want to hide.

May or may not work depending on the website, but I have had success before.... This wont be across your whole wifi though. Just the one browser.