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Guest Network not being extended by pod

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Had a chat with Virgin Media on Twitter/X and they said the pod should extend the main network and the guest network. 
My main network has been improved but my guest room is the furthest from the router and so I most wanted to extend the guest network. 
How do I get the Pod to extend the guest network? I’ve logged into the Superhub using a browser and can’t see any settings. I’ve also looked in the Virgin Media app. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey EHB, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this.

Sometimes you may need an extra pod, if you are struggling to get signal in this room I would look at moving the pod closer to this room or do a scan from the connect app in that room.

The pod will only extend the main network any extra WIFI / routers you have it won't extend as its not meant for that its meant for the Virgin Media hub only and not any other guest / 3rd party routers.

The best way to get a pod order is download the Virgin Connect app, from here do a scan.

If the scan picks up that you need a pod it will allow you to order some.

However they can be chargeable depending what package you on.

They are free on Volt, 1GB or Oomph bundles. 

Please let me know how you get on. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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Incidentally, I’ve reset the device to factory settings. It seems to have remembered I have a guest network. I think that’s an option in the VM app. 
man’s if ai run the “network diagnostics” button with a stethoscope it gives 3 green ticks and a red stop sign for wifi. 

No problems at all, so everything is okay now? Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?


I do not recall any previous posts that mention a VM Pod can extend the Guest Network.

Extending the Guest Network with a retail Wireless Repeater like a RE450 / AC1750 would work.

It’s the Guest Network on the Superhub, not a separate router. I do have a separate router just for IoT things but that is fine and has no guest mode. I was told by the Virgin Media Twitter/x account the Virgin Media Guest Network would get extended. I can’t move the Pod nearer the room as the app already says it’s connection is only “fair” where it is and already warns me not to connect too many devices. If I move it nearer the room it will be further from the router. It did seem to work for a few days and yesterday it stopped. 
Also if I do a network diagnostics on the home page of the router it says there is a wifi problem. Unfortunately I never pressed that button before getting a Pod but should it turn red after getting a Pod? It gives no details about what the problem is or how to sort it. I am running on the default password, admin password and wifi. The only changes are 1 static IP address and the guest network enabled. 

no, the guest network on my Superhub 5 still is bad and when I run a scan from of my network from the homepage of my Superhub 5 it still says there is a wifi problem. 

I was specifically told by Virgin Media Support on Twitter/X that it would and for a while it did. It’s just stopped doing it. 

Thanks for coming back to us @EHB.

Looking through this for you, it appears that we cannot guarantee an extension of a guest network using Wi-Fi extenders - apologies for the misleading information.

Can devices working in this area of the property connect successfully to the default Wi-Fi connection, either with or without the assistance of the extenders?

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that does not make a lot of sense as it’s a mesh and not an extender, so the main network share the same antennas and wifi band. It’s not like it’s a proper second network like if you had a second router. Or maybe it’s not a real mesh created with these pods?