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GlobalProtect & Virgin Media Broadband Connection Dropping

Tuning in

I have been using the Hub 3 for 18months. However since recently when using GlobalProtect for work my connection drops every 10 minutes or so meaning that I am unable to access my work’s corporate network or use the internet, even though my laptop says I am still connected to the internet. The temporary fix is turning GlobalProtect on and off but the same issue arises 10 minutes later. If I keep GlobalProtect turned off I have no internet connection issues, I also have no issues with any of my other devices.

My company have replaced my laptop (Thinkpad x1 Carbon running Windows 10) but no change. IT have also logged on to my laptop remotely to play around with things (including reinstalling GlobalProtect) but nothing has worked.

The only workaround for this issue is hotspotting my phone or going into the office (I have been doing the latter which is why I have lived with this issue for so long).

I would be grateful if somebody could offer me some options for resolving this so I can take a view as to whether I need to change provider or not.


Thanks Gareth - I'll keep you updated - appreciate the follow up.



Hi Gareth

Good news/bad news I'm afraid.

So the engineer came and rectified the upstream channels by putting a #10 limiter on the back of the Hub 3 - something to do with too much power coming from the cabinet.  That rectified the VPN - and when I'm right next to the Hub the broadband is great.

However my Wifi coverage across the rest of the house is shockingly bad now...and I'm in a queue to speak to someone to get another engineer.  

Feels like I have a choice between being able to get on to the VPN or having WiFi in my living room where my connected TV is!!  

Any ideas?  Using a Hub's a big house...I've got a Virgin Wifi extender which still seems to be active (but the lights no longer seem to work on it - that's also been since the engineer visit). 


Gary W

Just referring to my update post.  So VPN now works...but Wifi reach in the house shockingly bad - even through the Virgin not sure where we go from there!

Alessandro Volta

it be odd that changing power levels make the hub change what works and gets bad😬