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Frequent Wi-Fi Disconnections - Need Help with Troubleshooting

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Hello Virgin Community,

I'm reaching out because I've been experiencing frequent issues with my Wi-Fi connection that require me to reboot my router to regain access. This problem started just recently after about 6-8 months of stable connectivity. Despite attempting various fixes, including disabling Wi-Fi channel optimization, the disconnections continue. Notably, when these disconnections occur, the lights on my router remain orange and do not flash or turn green as they typically would if there were no internet connection.

Here are some steps I've already taken:

  • Rebooted the router multiple times
  • Disabled Wi-Fi channel optimization
  • Monitored the connection with a Broadband Quality Monitor (BQM)

The persistent orange light during these disconnections suggests that there might be a specific issue with the router or the connection that isn't resolved by the standard troubleshooting steps. I'm looking for any advice on further troubleshooting steps I might try or if there's a known issue in the area or with the equipment that could be causing this instability.

Could someone from the Virgin team or any community member who has faced similar issues provide some guidance or suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Alex5276


We're sorry to hear of the service issues experienced with your broadband connection, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums.


We've checked the connection and equipment and all of the levels are within the ranges and spec's we'd expect to see, we've also ran a remote speed test and can see the download speed is averaging 380mbps download and 37.5mbps upload bearing in mind these are to the Hub so wireless may differ. There aren't any disconnections showing since Monday which was when you last posted.


Has it improved since your post or do you require further assistance with this? Let us know.



Hey Robert

Thanks for the reply. So i went onto the router's page and disable 5ghz. it appears it has solved the problem. Interestingly......So far so good. I will report back