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Ethernet taking a while to get DHCP and connectivity

Up to speed

I have a win 11 PC and have noticed that with the wired ethernet connection via a netgear switch and sometimes connected directly to the Hub 5 when I turn the PC on and launch chrome it can take a couple of mins for it to spring into action.

As a quick fix, if I physically remove the ethernet cable from the netgear switch and plug it back in, then within 5 seconds all is normal.

what gives? 



Reconnecting the network cable is doing more at the laptop end that the network switch.

Check how may days or weeks of uptime the laptop has accumulated.
It could just be time for a Shutdown >> Restart ?

Failing this I'd be looking to see if both the laptop to switch & hub to switch connections sustained
the expected link rate, de-rating from 1Gb/s to 100Mb/s can often be a sign of a failing network cable
and here two cables are involved.