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DNS Issues between Hub 5 router and home alarm system

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My Home alarm panel is connected to the router via ethernet.

The DNS address given out by the router ( DNS address : is a strange one and not a normal “Virgin” DNS address.

The control panel network test is a routing ping test to google address...the ping fails and the alarm system can;t connect to the cloud.

This issue only arose after a power cut - no router settings have been changed and the alarm system was fine before.

Any assistance would be appreciated


Alessandro Volta

That is a odd IP for DNS and you say your in router mode?

Do you have HomePlug - Network Via Mains?


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Very Insightful Person

What are the IP details of the panel?  They should be and Gateway

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Hero is not valid and is as if the Hub 5's DHCP server has handed back an invalid response.

If possible, check the Gateway & IP of the alarm panel. 

With a VM Hub in router mode the Gateway has to be ( any other value would fail the ping to ),
the alarms allocated IP should also be in the range

If a manual configuration of the alarm is possible one could try :

IP Address
DNS:  and

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Very Insightful Person

That IP address is a University in Chicago. 

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Panel 30R+ sw 7.03.01
Virgin router
Panel LAN IP:
Gateway address (Router)
DNS address :


Can the DNS be set manually ?

Yes, I did this and manually set to

When running a network test the ping fails


From your LAN is it possible to ping the alarm panel at  ?

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Encountering DNS issues between a Hub 5 router and a home alarm system can disrupt connectivity and remote monitoring. Cox internet providers Troubleshoot by ensuring the router's DNS settings are correctly configured and compatible with the alarm system. Verify network connectivity and consider assigning static IP addresses to the alarm system components. If problems persist, consult the router and alarm system documentation or contact technical support for assistance.