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Connection Drops

Joining in

As you can see, Im getting frequent ping spikes and a lot of packet loss, what could be the cause of this?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @JunaidA98 

Welcome to the community forums

Sorry to hear you're having issues with your broadband services at this time.

I have taken a look at the systems at our side and cannot see any issues with the service that might be causing this. I can see that the hub has been on constantly for a very long period of time without a reboot, please can you reboot the router so it can clear itself of past data and ensure any firmware is fully updated. 

I can't see the date on your BQM that shows when these results were recorded, the date usually within the graph 

Are you monitoring the Virgin Media router or another device please? 

Are you able to share with us your live link to the graph so we can see this in real time and investigate further. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

This is the one for the last 24 hours (20/5/24)




Hi @JunaidA98,

Can you please perform a reboot of the Hub as advised and then let us know if the issue persists?

If it does persist, can you provide us with the live BQM instead of a screenshot? That way we can look at the connection in real-time instead of that single snapshot.


Zach - Forum Team
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