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Connect app won’t find hub 3

Joining in

Hi I have just installed my Hub 3 today and when I try to connect the Virgin connect app it keeps saying “ we can’t find your Hub “ . I’ve uninstalled the app a few times and rebooted the hub but still getting the same message. Using iPhone 13 



For the moment manage the Hub at

It takes a few days to a week for the VM back office system to register your Hub, once that happens the VM Connect app will work. All you can do is wait and try again later. Rebooting the Hub etc is not affecting the situation.

Things that stop the VM Connect app from working are any kind of VPN including Apple Relay etc.

We have had a Hub 3 since 2017, we do not have the VM Connect app installed, we don't need it.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey there @Ste1975 Thanks for reaching out to us and a warm welcome to the Virgin Media Community forums. 👋🏼

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the Hub 3 on the Virgin Connect app.
It can take a few days for everything to update and show up.

May I ask how it is doing now? Is everything okay?
Let us know.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Hi thanks for the reply everything is all connected now . Thanks 

Glad to hear this 🙂

Matt - Forum Team

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