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Connect app not scanning

Joining in

Not getting wifi in a couple of rooms in house. I have downloaded virgin connect and tried to scan rooms and always get a message to try again and each time it doesn’t scan. I have deleted and re downloaded the app numerous times and reset the hub (hub3) numerous times.  Can anyone help with this?

Thank you 



If there really is no Wi-Fi reception in a room, there is nothing to scan.

Even when I am next to the wifi box it won’t scan 

Hey @Kpcst,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear about this, can you confirm that the app is finding the Hub okay and connecting? If so what happens when you try run the test, any images you can provide do help.



yes app is connecting to the app and I can see all devices using the wifi.

Every attempt at a scan results with this 



That's very strange Kpcst, given you're connecting to the Hub via the app we're guessing you haven't made any changes to your wireless network SSID's or passwords?



Not made any changes

Hi @Kpcst 

Have you got a VPN on the device? Please remove it if so :). This should then fix the issue.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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No vpn on the device. Is there any way I can buy a wifi booster from virgin to get wifi in all rooms