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Connect Smart device to Virgin 5 hub

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Trying to connect my Growatt lan box to the network. Its a wired connection so not a wifi issue.

When plugged in no connection is made. Company that makes the product suggested that the "communications ports need to be switched on or it to be reboosted for the functions of your device".

I've tried connecting other smart devices to the hub via wifi and nothing connects so im guessing its a hub issue. 

Seems a lot of people have similar issues with the hub.

Any help gratefully appricaited.


Community elder

They probably cheaped out and use a 10/100, or even 10Mbps, ethernet port which the HUB 5 is known to have issues with.

You'll prob need to buy a cheap switch like below, to connect between the HUB 5 and device:

For WiFi devices you'll need to split the SSID into two, one for 5Ghz, and one for 2.4Ghz.

Alessandro Volta

We have seen topics on here mention issues when connecting a 10 Mbps device to the Hub 5 (such as heating controllers)

Is the Growatt device a 10 Mbps connection?

Ports 1, 2, 3 on the Hub 5 are supposed to be 10/100/1000 but port 4 is 100/1000/2500.

Try ports 1 to 3 for the connection first of all

If still no use, you could try a simple 10/100/1000 switch between the Growatt device and the Hub 5


Repeated posts suggest Hub 5 and Hub 5x do not directly support 10Mb/s on any LAN ports. The confusion occurs because VM Hubs and some devices folks are using lack documentation listing the supported network speeds. The fix is mentioned in the posts above use a 10/100 or 10/100/1000 network device to generate a 10Mb/s service and your device will connect. That is assuming the device is configured to use DHCP, if not it will need to be configured with a static IP in the range.

Many IoT with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 4 ONLY fail to connect to the Wi-Fi 6 of the Hub 5, here an RE450/AC1750 has proved capable of bridging the Wi-Fi 4 (& Wi-Fi 5) devices to the Hub 5 Wi-Fi 6 service.

Usually dual band WI-Fi devices have better drivers and work with the the Hub 5.

PS ...

Is this 10Mb/s device what you wish to connect ...

Thank you for your help. Its a similar model:

Which connects to a lan box. I'm going to try getting the splitter mentioned in one of the earlier replies and see if that fixes it.


I see that is a 2.4GHz b/g/n Wi-Fi device.
Some people have made progress in similar situations with the Hub's 5GHz channel disabled.

Connect to the Hub 5 menu at and disable the 5GHz Wi-Fi during your next attempt to make a connection.  This forces your mobile / laptop etc to be on the same 2.4GHz band as the GROWATT Shine WiFi-X

Now retry the configuration process for the GROWATT Shine WiFi-X. 

Any joy ?