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Can’t connect Bluetooth devices with internet

Joining in

I have had a new hub, I’ve got it set up and it’s working ok but for some reason none of my Bluetooth devices will connect to internet. I have pressed the wps at the back of the hub but it still isn’t working. I can’t connect to use my headphones, Google dot and other devices. Can anyone give me any suggestions. Thanks 



Virgin Media Hubs do not support Bluetooth.

WPS is a Wi-Fi connection method. WPS needs to be enabled in the Hub's admin menu and you may need to know the Hub's WPS PIN number.  Follow the makers manual of each device for making a Wi-Fi connection to the VM Hub.

Headphones may be connected via Bluetooth to mobile phones etc, but not to the VM Hub.

Thank you for replying. I know Bluetooth connects via my phone but it is puzzling me why since I had the new hub anything I try to connect to on Bluetooth comes up no internet connection, never had a problem before. I’ve turned the hub off and on and everything I can think of. How do I go about enabling wps in the hubs admin menu? 


At this point I'd locate the Wi-Fi name and Wi-Fi Password from the Hub sticker or card
and using those details reconnect the mobile phones, laptops etc to the Wi-Fi of new VM Hub.