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Bosch easy control -update?

Joining in


I am in the process of trying to set up my Bosch easy control smart thermostat and connect to my virgin media wifi router.

I can see this is a recurring issue, what with the multiple threads on this forum created already.

has there been a resolution to this issue and is there an easy step by step guide to that solution. I have tried splitting bandwidth and using 2.4ghz but to no avail.

please could I be redirected or even better be contacted by a virgin media technician which has the expertise to resolve this.




Alessandro Volta

Past topics on this subject don't really conclude with any reliable fixes for all users which also seem to last over time. General pointers seem to be to:

  • Split the wi-fi bands on the hub into a 2.4GHz connection and a 5 GHz connection with separate names
  • Turn off the hub's 'smart wi-fi/wi-fi optimisation'
  • Clear the network settings on the Bosch device and then try to connect

AIUI, if you are using VM's wi-fi 'pods', these do require a combined SSID name and smart wi-fi on so, if using the pods, the above may not help.

Most regular users on the forums would recommend putting the VM hub into modem mode and using third party network equipment to bypass all of the idiosyncrasies of the hub's wi-fi.


We have so little info.   The device might still be in the box for all we know !

Could we have  :
1)  The exact model number
2)   A photo or screen shots of error messages being displayed
3)   Having read many identical posts a list of what has already been tried & the outcomes

Tuning in

Hi - we had the same issue today.  We tried to solve it by turning off the 5hz but that did not work.  So having searched Google we found that we needed to turn on the guest wifi network, link the Bosch Easy to the guest network (plus my phone) and everything worked.  I then left the thermostat linked to the guest network and relinked my phone to my normal wifi and it still works.  Goodness knows why, but I  hope this works for you!

You my friend are my hero.