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Appalling Customer Service

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I’m posting here because I’m running out of patience and options with VM. I have experienced loss of service (currently paying for Gig1 broadband) since the 8th Feb. I was not told I needed an outlet port for the Hub either, not a problem. Engineer came out and said I need a repull to fix the issues and it would be done within the next few days (it was a Saturday he came out). Wednesday rolls around and I ring customer service because I hadn’t received any communication. I was told this isn’t the case and it was due for the 8th March, but ONE HOUR before the end of my time slot (1pm-6pm) I get a text saying it’s going to be rescheduled for the 28th, then the 4th April.

I’ve raised a complaint with the team and been in contact with both the Executive team and Complaints Management team, saying I won’t be paying for what would be an 8 week loss of service (rightly so). But apparently the departments don’t talk, because I’m getting harassed by Customer Services for bill payment when I’ve made it very clear from the outset I won’t be paying for a service I’m not receiving. The people I speak to are always incredibly rude and unhelpful. They’re piling on late fees and the likes now as well.

Is there anything I can do? I know I’m entitled to compensation via the automatic compensation scheme, but after reading a few forums on here it sounds like VM are reluctant or unwilling to pay (why have it in place then?). I’m thinking of just taking this further or leaving. I won’t be without service for 8 weeks to be told there’s nothing to be done whilst still being expected to pay for said service.


It just seems like VM will do anything to inconvenience their customers but won’t do anything to solve the issues. I’ve just been met with the same scripted responses for most of my interactions and now I can’t even contact customer service via phone because they just dogpile me about bills.

Sorry about the long post. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi AJKeegs, 

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums.

We're sorry to hear you've been left with no service. When an account is active, billing will continue even in the event of a fault. We don't have a way to manually suspend this I'm afraid. 

We'd always advise making payments for your services as otherwise withholding payment can result in late fees being added and this also reflecting on your credit file. 

We wouldn't be able to add any credits in the meantime as this would then interfere with any automatic compensation due to you. Once the fault is resolved, the account will be assessed and if eligible, it will be applied and will show on the next bill that is generated. You can read more about the auto-compensation policy here

As this is already with the Executives team, we won't get involved any further as making contact via several channels can actually cause delays. They will be in touch with you directly as and when they have any updates. 

Apologies once again. 

Forum Team

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