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Advertising avg speeds of 1130Mbps for Gig 1 when most people have a hub 4

Tuning in

How can Virginmedia keep boasting (and advertising) of average download speeds of 1130 Mpbps when it seems that large numbers of their customers on the 1Gig package still have Hub 4s that are only capable of the same max speeds offered by their competitors i.e around the 900-950Mbps mark?

I have asked several times for a Hub 5 so that I can take full advantage of my 2.5Gb router and home network. I have either met with no response or told that I am on the waiting list both of which amount to the same thing.

I have been a virgin customer since the very begining (that long that I have an ntlworld email address) yet I am behind all the new customers on the waiting list for a hub capable of achieving the advertised average speeds.


Alessandro Volta

VM get away by technically saying 1Gb is = to 1Gb ports with overhead the fact that you can get more means nothing only when you go to 2Gb with VM should they have to give you a hub5 with 2.5Gb NIC.

its was and is a bad idea for VM to say 1Gb but it sounds better then 950Mb 

But maybe if you downgrade they may ask why then they may give you a hub 5


Virgin's own website states that the Gig1 package has "1130Mbps average download speed" but this is not possible with a Hub4. Virgin will not give existing Gig1 customers with a Hub4 the new Hub5 capable of the advertised average download speed. They state "The advertised download speed for Gig1 is calculated using the midpoint from the fastest and slowest speed from our customer panel". They should indicate if this panel is made up purely of Hub5 users and should also state that if you have a hub 4 that you will not achieve speeds greater than 950Mbps.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

It has never been defined that it applies to ONE device only. It’s aggregated devices, WiFi and Ethernet. Unfortunately it’s very hard to prove your speed unless you are using your own router that can supply the stats.

There are 10 types of people: those who understand binary and those who don't and F people out of 10 who do not understand hexadecimal c1a2a285948293859940d9a49385a2


The Hub 4 has four 1Gb/s ports plus dual band Wi-Fi that is almost 4 Gb/s of connections.

I have a hub 4 in modem mode. It is connected to an Asus router with a 2.5GB ethernet port. The Hub 4 only has 1Gb ethernet ports. The speed measured directly on the router can never exceed 1Gb.

@WareingR wrote:

I have a hub 4 in modem mode. It is connected to an Asus router with a 2.5GB ethernet port. The Hub 4 only has 1Gb ethernet ports. The speed measured directly on the router can never exceed 1Gb.

VM don't define 1130Mbps for modem mode. That's your choice.

In router mode the HUB 4 is more than capable of supplying 1130Mbps to two or more devices at the same time, which is how it's advertised.

I understand your point about the aggregation over multiple devices but I do not agree that this is how Virgin advertise it. At least I cannot see anywhere where Virgin states that the average 1130Mbps is delivered cumulatively over multiple devices.

"*The advertised download and upload speeds for our Virgin Fibre packages are calculated by taking the median average, or the mid-point between the fastest and slowest speeds for each package at peak times (8-10pm), each month. This is in line with the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA) guidance."

If I only had a single device connected to my Hub 4 I could only achieve a max 600Mbps over WiFi and 950Mbps over Ethernet.

I don't see Virgin highlighting the limitations of signing up for Gig1 and wanting to use your own router and I don't see any attempt by Virgin to assist customers who have this type of setup.

The Gig1 broadband service offers average download speeds of 1,130Mbps – that’s 16 times faster than the national average – which enables households to do more online at the same time and on multiple devices.

Everyone online, all at the same time

Bring on all your screens, consoles, sound systems and smart home devices. Gig1 Fibre Broadband lets everyone at home do more online, at the same time. Now it’s easy to stream Ultra HD videos and host video calls, while the kids download game updates and play online with their mates.

So where on your post or the link does it advertise the fact that you can only get 1130Mbps if it is spread out across multiple devices?

Try this link -

"As Virgin Media first rolled out its fastest 'Gig1' broadband service a couple of years back, it supplied the hastily summoned Hub 4 router to early adopters. It probably should have done more testing, since the Hub 4 cannot deliver broadband at 1130Mbps thanks to neither conforming to the latest WiFi 6 standard, nor having any ethernet ports faster than 1Gbps (which actually max out at about 950Mbps). It was a bridging product to the first router that can really cope with Virgin's top speed – the Hub 5."