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email management gets really difficult

Tuning in

There are a few things which VirginMedia should do to sort out the email system.

1. fix the change password mechanism so that it works properly for secondary email addresses

2. Rewrite the documentation so that the user can understand exactly what to do to set up email clients such as Outlook for individual and multiple VM email addresses.

3. If VM didn't intend one to login to one's VM email with a non-VM address that needs to be sorted.

Why? See below.

I have 4 virginmedia email accounts. Assume unless I say otherwise I am doing all this on the VirginMedia (VM) website. About 3 weeks ago I had an issue with one of the secondary email addresses which meant I tried to change my password. I tried this again today. I clicked 'I forgot my password'. The next screen is headed Reset Your Password and asked for "the email you use to sign in to your Virgin Media account". This is not, apparently, the secondary email address. So today I used the VM address which is the primary address. I then went through the process of setting a new password. Unfortunately it did not change the password for the secondary address, it reset the password for the primary address. As it is now the system will not allow you to change the password on a secondary email address.

Going back to what happened 3 weeks ago I actually entered an Outlook email address, which was accepted, and set a password. So now I login with the Outlook address and once logged in I access the emails for the secondary VM address. The other thing that happened is that the secondary address apparently became the primary account address and VM thought I wasn't paying the bills.

this is, of course, complete pants and says nothing good about the developers! No, maybe I'll take that back (a bit) - it probably says nothing good about whoever wrote the requirements and whoever did the testing.

I spent a long time on the phone this afternoon, finally got to talk to someone and the primary email address is now properly associated with the account so at least that's sorted. As far as the secondary addresses are concerned I still have one that I logon to (in a browser) using an Outlook address, another which is, as it has been for years, set up in Outlook and which seems to be working just fine, and another which so far is working ok in the browser.

I have read a fair bit of such documentation as there is about managing the emails but it still doesn't make enough sense. Mostly it seems to assume you have only one email address and it all seems remarkably complicated. Could I infer that VM doesn't really want to bother with email systems? And if they have to they would much prefer if you had only one email address.