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updating email password linked to an account

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My parents are both unable to take care of their own finances any longer and we have power of attorney.  We have the email address and all the account information for their Virgin Media account.

We are unable to log into the email account or the VM account as we do not know the password.  We are unable to reset the password as the page just takes us to a page that says for the account holder to call for help with the issue.  Both parents are hard of hearing, one has dimentia and the other is physically unable to talk on the phone.  

We need to be able to manage the account for them and need to know how we can gain access to the account.  Please do not ask us to get them to call or come on forums as that is just not a possability due to their physical conditions.

Please advise the next steps we need to take.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @ccarolee,

Sorryy to hear of the issues faced with this, with the Power of Attorney you should be able to handle this yourself, however if this isn't flagged on the account this is what could be causeing the issues, for this iam going to send you a private message to help where I can.