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Good evening,

Four months back a virgin media representative cold called my house. They provided me with details about current packages and asked if I was interested. I said I wasn't interested in changing providers because my contract had just renewed, but gave them contact details, so they could pass on prices and packages available for consideration. However, I heard nothing back.

Today, I've returned home to discover a brown installation box attached to my property from Virgin Media. I haven't requested this or given permission for it to be installed. I've attempted to call virgin support, but they are unable to provide me with any meaningful help because I'm not a registered account holder. After this I received a message informing me that the installation was a success and further internal installations will take place in the coming month. Again, this isn't something I've requested or agreed to. At the moment it seems to me like trespassing and criminal damage to my property.

I'm currently waiting on a return phone call for a hacked account. This doesn't fit the brief of my problem. I also can't log a complaint via email because it's asking that I log in with an account - which I don't have. Any advice on how to move forward would be greatly appreciated.


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Just to be absolutely clear on this, you have no existing contract or relationship with VM in any way, shape or form, yes? It could just be a genuine mistake that a box appeared on your wall, a neighbour ordered it and the installers messed up the address - possibly. However that doesn’t fit what you say about getting a message confirming that the installation was a success.

It is beginning to look as if this really was an attempted fraud by the VM cold-caller who has ‘signed you up’ just to get a bit of commission - but even then, surely you didn’t give them any bank details? Without that I can’t see how or why VM would have started the process of connecting you up!

But, what did you mean by 'I'm currently waiting on a return phone call for a hacked account’? So do you have some sort of relationship with VM?

Cheers for the reply.

To clarify - cold caller spoke with me on the door step. We talked about what VM offer, I explained about my current provider. I shared my contact details to be given information on packages and prices but heard nothing back. As you suggest, I'm now wondering if the cold caller has 'signed me up' and created some form of account for me.

I can confirm no bank details have been given, which is why I find it bizarre that VM are now in the process of installing and connecting me.

By the phrase: 'I'm currently waiting on a return phone call for a hacked account’. - What I mean is that I rang VM. After being passed around to 4-5 different people, I eventually spoke to someone in support and they told me that they would flag it up as an unauthorised/compromised account . This process would mean that another ticket would be created and I could expect a phone call back within 48 hours. 

I just feel in a bit of limbo at the moment - Like I said, I certainly don't want to be in the position of someone turning up to my house to internally install broadband which I haven't requested. Plus I've got wires and a box down the side of my house that weren't requested.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Francis101,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community  😊

Sorry to hear there's been some confusion over this. So I can get a few more details from you I've popped you over a private message.