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Virgin ruined credit score for bills I've paid

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Word of warning for anyone considering using VM for ANYTHING. You will pay your bills on time for about 7 years, never miss a payment - then when they leave, they will RUIN your credit score by marking late payments and defaults on your account with no prior warning at all. Because apparently you didn't pay a £10.32 last bill, which was paid, and they even tell you its paid and will send you an email confirming you paid them. They'll still leave the stains on your credit file though, because it doesn't have any impact to them, and from what I can see are too incompetent to actually run a business correctly.

They will then inform you on the phone they can't do anything about it, because you know they're incompetent and all they seem to want to do is cause you pain for leaving.

You'll then have to email an email address, that says they'll resolve it in 21 days, and they won't. Its cost me a job worth £160k per annum as I failed the background checks.

I've instructed a solicitor to take VM to court for defamation of character and loss of earnings. We think 5 years @ 160k is reasonable.

So theres the warning, unless you have about £50k to throw at a solicitor to literally sue them, you'll be screwed. Good luck if you're in contract and want to leave, you were warned.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there, welcome to our forum and thanks for your post.

I'm sorry to see that you have not had the level of service we'd expect even after leaving. I can see from our systems that you were able to speak to a member of the team who gave you some instructions to follow to have this issue resolved. Have you been able to do this?

If you do need any further help with this please let us know. We will be happy to help.



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Yes, I emailed the VM echo chamber of an email address where they proceed to do nothing with the complaint. 

“Happy with the level of service” - what? I left, I paid you the last bill. You ruined my credit score for paying the bill on time. That’s not a service, that’s punitive action against a customer who decided to leave. Every other organisation manages to end a contract without ruining people’s life prospects, employment, mortgage applications or credit affordability.

Seems you are quite happy to “punish” people for paying their bills on time, provide no advance notification that something isn’t paid (oh hang you couldn’t because I ALWAYS paid on time) but not so happy to remove the “punishment” for cancelling a contract. Dish out arbitrary life ruining impact on people immediately, don’t resolve it immediately because VM don’t have the competence to be reasonable or competent.

This is why I have had to instruct solicitors today. Look forward to the payment I’ll receive due to the negligence and impact it has caused. I also look forward to recovering the costs of the legal fees.

I notice you don’t seem to want to offer to step in on this one like you do with other issues posted on the forum.

E0FB3D7A-CB4C-4CC2-B207-31C63FF65109.jpegSo VM think I’ve both paid, and not paid this? Which is it?


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Many apologies for the issues faced,

As the complaint is already assigned to the team they'll be carrying out the necessary proceedings.

Did they advise a callback at all for this?



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