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Virgin Media cancellation & billing issues

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So my deal was running out and Virgin Media sent me an 'exciting' offer of receiving the same 'great' services I am receiving now in return for £20 more and and 18 month contract.

I declined the offer and instructed Virgin I would rather cancel my services on my end of contract day (12th January)

I got put through to retentions who offered me the same great services I had now but for £30 more (going in the wrong direction!). Obviously I declined.

Now virgin have just taken a larger than expected direct debit from my account - which I queried. Seems since I had a month and a half left .. they decided to bill me it all now - who's convenience this was for I am not sure? Certainly not mine! I've disputed the direct debit with the bank and cancelled the direct debit. I am willing to pay the agreed 1 month price manually but for this I would need a correct bill generating. The staff seemed unwilling to do this so I am left in limbo.

Then there is the O2 side ... I then called O2 today to ensure they had cancellation of my sim booked. they didn't. And despite passing security by the memorable word, they could not book my cancellation without me receiving texts which they sent but I was not receiving (well I got them 20 mins after the end of the call). 

I feel so defeated by Virgin Media O2 - In an ideal world they would have just offered me the same deal I was on now for the same price for an 18month contract, but failing that let me leave without screwing me over every way they can.

I am now left with no option but to raise complains with the regulators.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @mcr007 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you back. 

We cannot guarantee that a previously offered deal will be available in the future, while we will always try to offer the best possible deal we can this may not be exactly the same as the one you have previously been subscribed to. 

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue with your most recent bill and we are very sorry that the amount is more than anticipated.

We do charge one month in advance so if your contract is due to end next month and with it the previously agreed discounts then the bill for the next month would include the deal after the discount has ended. Once a disconnection has taken place we will then send out a final bill which will include a credit back for any services paid for but not used.

To cancel the O2 SIM you would need to speak with O2 but you can find all their contact information online here. 

On our wavelength

At no point was it stated you would like to charge an increased bill; I do not consent to this. Nor do I consent to "lending" you my money to hold for a few days before you kindly pay it back to me - especially during this cost of living crisis. Virgin Media need to take a long hard look at there policies.

Also regarding the deals, it's funny how the deal is still available to new customers. I guess existing customer loyalties means absolutely nothing to Virgin Media.

I'm sorry again to hear that this is happening @mcr007 

You can view our billing policy online here and you can view the terms and conditions of your contract here. We do charge one month is advance and you will be billed as normal up until the cancellation of your account after which, as stated there will be a final bill. 


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I am not sure why it took a week for this site to email me that there had been a response... I should not be suprised though...

Billing for a month+ some more is not acceptable - there is nothing special until the next bill, which should then be smaller than normal.

What's really sad is VM are losing a customer over only a few quid, for equipment I already have and they made no attempt to speak to me about it. Funny how at the same time I was trying to get a fair deal, new customers were getting hundreds of pounds of discounts. I guess only new customers count to the relevant people commission/new customer bonus.

Hello mcr007.

Thankyou for replying.

Without looking at the account, the extra charges will be the discounts expiring at the end of your contract.

As we bill a month in advance you will be charged prorated amount.

Once the account is closed you will receive a final bill with any advance charges removed off the final balance.

It is explained here if that is easier.

Sadly from here we are unable to help with billing or package changes etc.


On our wavelength

My discounts do not run out till 12th of Jan. At the point my bill was generated this was more than a month away so there should have been no extra charges for that month. Just a case of Virgin trying to rip us off again by taking more than a months worth charges up front. I disputed this by my bank and manually paid what the full month should have been (£59). My final bill should be for the remainder but not issued yet.

I wish to raise a complaint with Virgin for there handling of this.


Hi mcr007

I will send you a private message now so I can explain the charges for you. 

Please look out for the envelope in the top right of the page and pop back to me when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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On our wavelength

For the benefit of the public, this issue did NOT get resolved.

Virgin have issued me a late payment fee of £7.50 for the period BEYOND one month. This will NOT be getting paid and I am now raising a complaint with the regulators.

In addition to the above, O2 are refusing to cancel the sim part of my package saying I have not passed security (even though I have - they need "extra" security that is seemed impossible to pass). Also raising this with the regulators. I am so (REMOVED) off with Virgin Media's treatment.

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Hey @mcr007 Thanks for coming back to us on here. 👋🏼

I'm sorry to hear that we haven't managed to find a resolution between ourselves and yourself regarding this billing issue.
In order to raise a case with OFCOM you will need to have a complaint raised with us which has either been deadlocked or gone over 8 weeks.

We don't want it to get to this point but has the case had one of the two factors involved?

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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