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VM charged me wrong bill (5 times from previous one) after moving home and new contract without consent

Tuning in

I joined VM in Feb 2023 (18 months Broadband with VM) with a promotional price £14.99, which expires in Aug 2024 theoretically.

I moved home in March and notified VM around 21 March for 'MOVE HOME' via live chat with nothing change on my plan, just stay the same for the remaining of my contract. They checked and said there will be a faceplate set up in my new place and account will 'GO LIVE' after installation completed.

VM and their 3rd engineers failed to set up for me after 4 visits on 4 days, the last fail visit was 24 APR. Eventually I only have broadband connection on 1 May, but they still put 'GO LIVE' date as 24 APR which is ridiculous, as their engineers left and said no way to complete set up on 24 APR!!

Despite the wrong 'GO LIVE' date, I found my bills were charged ridiculously high, £14.99 changed to £71.00 per month, and the contract which should ends in Aug 2024 seems changed to Aug 2025 that they put a new contact to me. I witnessed that before bills generated in MY VM portal, I called multiple times and the CS kept saying 'No need to worry, things will be adjusted in your first bill after moving'.

However, things still keep going wrong and I feel like I was scammed VM as they did not do what they promised.

My contract - which should be £14.99My contract - which should be £14.99New contract with wrong amount and contract end dateNew contract with wrong amount and contract end dateVirgin_new bill_2.png

Can anyone can help or advise me on this please, as I have had enough with calls to VM, just simply useless...
What I want is just to live with the original contract I signed, I didn't agree any change on a new contract or service in any conversation.


Super solver

Yup the contract should have stayed the same. The VM forum team should hopefully be able to help. 

As an aside the price you originally secured is officially the lowest I have ever seen on this forum (outside of the "Essentials" ones). How did you wrangle it? 

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).

Hello Cardiffman,

Basically I still remembered I called them as a new customer in Feb 2023, they said they have a bundle plan with O2 (VM for broadband + O2 for mobile data),  £14.99 for VM and £25.00 for O2. That's a 18 month contract which I was happy to deal with (Details you may refer to the pictures).
I still have all soft copies of these deals that's why I am really upset and surprised of how VM responded to me, they simply charge me as a new customer since 'move home' and even I addressed clearly they did nothing...

Hello thomashtchan10


Sorry to hear of the problems following your move with your contract, bill and installation, we understand the frustration this is causing and appreciate you raising it via the forums.


I will send you a Private Message to get some more details from you to assist. Check the envelope in the top right of the forum when signed in for the message.