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VM Misselling VM Broadband + Phone + O2 Bundles?

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I just started a contract with VM for 250mbps broadband. This includes phone (I don’t use it, don’t even have a landline phone to plug in) and a 6gb (3gb boosted to 6gb I think) O2 SIM card which I don’t need.

When signing up on the phone I said I don’t need or want an O2 sim nor the landline connection, but the salesperson told me that it’s not possible to remove them.

The landline I can understand as it’s effectively the same connection now and I’ve seen other operators bundle these. However, for the O2 SIM card, since signing up I’ve seen that it’s literally two separate contracts, two direct debits, two bills etc.

This feels like a bit of a scam? I shouldn’t be surprised as my past experiences with VM have been terrible but sadly they’re the only fibre operator in my area.

Can I cancel the O2 contract without detriment to the VM contract? I cannot see it even mentioned in my VM contract, it seems to be entirely separate.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @wadde,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

With this the contract you get some of the discounts are inclusive to having the O2 SIM card, it also means that you get the speed boosted to a higher amount for a lower price, if you did cancel the O2 contract it would mean that you would lose the Volt benefits which is the speed boost to your broadband.