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Upgraded(?) from M250 to M350, download speeds unchanged, complaint in progress

Joining in

Complaint reference in progress C-101023158.

Upgrade from M250 to M350 that was off the back of a £4 upgrade special personal offer email. It never happened, it then it miraculously happened on the same day as I started the complaint. All the documentation i received had one price on it, then when i looked at my account on line it had a different price, increasing by £7/month for M350, not £4/month as agreed and as stated on the documents. After the complaint progressed, i was told there would be a recurring credit on my account of £3/month to bring the package price to where it should be. At this point, my emails regarding the complaint are being ignored, I asked for my package to be reverted to M250, as I'm not paying extra a month for no improvement, this has so far been ignored and my speeds remain at the same as they were on M250. I would imagine I'm still on M250, although the account online says otherwise. Would someone kindly look into this please? I can happily provide all the email conversations, documentation PDFs received etc.

Thank you.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello jm_archer


It's disappointing to hear of the broadband and package issues experienced, we appreciate the frustration and you taking the time to raise this via the forums. Welcome to the community.


We have checked the connection to the Hub and all of the levels and specs appear to be in the ranges we'd expect to see, we have tried to view the speeds available at the hub but it is showing as in modem mode which limits the details and information speed wise we can see.


The details of your package via your online account will reflect what package is applied as the information is drawn straight from your account, if you would like us to check the speeds closer we would ask you to take the Hub out of modem mode and let us know so we can check.



Hi Rob,

Thanks for the reply, an engineers visit has been booked for this weekend so i'll see what that brings. Speeds still havent exceeded the average speed for M250, max of 262.


Community elder

How are you testing?

What does this site show (HUB must be in router mode)?


Hi jm_archer, 

Thanks for coming back and updating us. I'm glad an engineer visit has been booked in for you. 

Please keep us updated on how things go and let us know if you need anything else from us. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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