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Total Loss of Service Credit

Joining in


Does anyone have a contact number/email for a team that can deal with a credit for a total loss of service?

I have been trying to get this applied since January.  I have tried WhatsApp many times and spent several hours on the phone.  The level of incompetence is unbelievable.  I just keeping being pushed between departments.

I am owed over £200.

My last call finished with me being told a manager would call me.  As expected, I've heard nothing!

I am at my wits end now!



Community elder

credit/compensation is automatic if you registered for it:


Thank you Carl. That is what I thought and was continually told via the WhatsApp service.

Virgin were fully aware of the issue.  They sent an engineer the next day who told me he was logging it as a total loss of service to ensure it was resolved ASAP.  It then took them over 3 weeks to get resolved.

I think they are just trying to avoid the paying me credit due to the value.

Raise a formal complaint in writing with a view to escalating to arbitration

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Chuchuj 👋 welcome to the community! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear these concerns about your Auto-compensation for a total loss of service. This is automatically applied via the scheme as per the terms outlined here 👉 . It's worth noting that the scheme covers a total loss of service after 2 full working days from registering the loss of service to us. You can report a loss of service or outage online, or give our team a call on 150 from your Virgin Media home phone or mobile, or on 0345 454 1111 from any phone. Unfortunately, if you don’t report your fault online or using this number, you won’t be able to receive a bill credit, as we need your customer account details. Reports made via Facebook, Twitter and Forums will not count.

As you believe this is missing where it should have been calculated we can send you a PM to confirm a few account details and request a manual re-assessment of the Auto-compensation if needed? 

I will do this for you now - you can find the PM in the top right corner of the page in your Inbox. 📩 We can then return to this public thread with another update when possible. Thank you for your patience in the meantime!

Wishing you all the best. 🌞