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Returned equipment

Joining in

Hi , recently returned equipment via prepaid boxes sent to me , I can see YODEL have it at there hub and no movement for 3 Days , when will VM acknowledge receipt of my return. I believe YODEL do not scan the last step of return so I believe VM have my return now , I'm expecting the "we have not received it" soon but I have photos , tracking details and proof of postage . 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Tenno,


Thanks for reaching out in regards to the return of your equipment and to check on it's progress, we appreciate you raising this via the forum and welcome to the community.


From the date any return is received at our warehouse it will require checking, depending on volume this can take a few days to go through before the account is updated if all is okay. What day do Yodel advise it was passed to us or what date is on their site as last noted in regards to your parcel?



Hi Got this today from yodel , so hopefully once checked I will get the thank you for returning your equipment email .


Hi Tenno,

Thank you for the update.

It can take around 10 days for the equipment to be removed on our side once this has been returned. 

We apologise for any emails/texts that may be received in the meantime. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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Hi just received confirmation that you received my equipment back 😁 . I'm happy now, I heard so many stories of people being charged when they have returned it . 

Hi there @Tenno 

Thank you so much for letting us know and we are so glad to hear that you have had confirmation of the return.

If you ever do need any help in the future please do let us know and we will do all we can to assist!