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Hello! My contract with VM is ending on 10/02/24 as I am moving out. The person who will remain in the property has created a contract of their own with VM. They had the install last week and the VM technician who did the install  also collected my old equipment before he left. I mentioned to the technician that I was told by VM that I have to return the equipment to avoid being charged. He stated that it was best if he collected it now that he was at the property and that the kit will be ‘scanned in’ at the warehouse. Today I received an email from VM asking for the kit back which means the kit I have already given to the technician was not scanned in at the warehouse as he stated. I obviously don’t want to be charged £150 (wifi+tv box + 3 pods) for something I have already handed over. Can someone from VM confirm this is the right procedure and I wasn’t tricked into just handing over this equipment and now getting stuck with the bill?  I need to mention that I have absolutely no use for this kit. I am moving abroad and the tenant in the house already got their own internet which is why I thought it was ok to hand it over to the technician. Thanks! 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Georgiana1 👋

Thank you for your post 😊 I am so sorry to hear about the equipment charges and that the tech has taken this, I can look into this for you and will pop you over a PM, keep an eye out for the little envelope 👀📩

I am still being chased by VM for the return of equipment that the technician has already collected from my property. Interestingly enough the hub was scanned in as returned but not the wifi pods nor the TV box. I received an email to say I will be charged £105 for not returning these. How is this possible? I still have at home the unused return kit VM sent me which I never had to use because the technician insisted he must collect the equipment himself. Somehow, VM received the wifi hub but nothing else. I didn’t return any of it using the kit. I handed them to the technician which means he has only scanned in the wifi hub but not not the pods or the tv box which is very dishonest.  I am now being told I have to pay £105 for something that has already been picked up by VM staff. It’s dishonest and unacceptable. I am extremely concerned and would appreciate an answer please before by bank account is being debited for something I have already returned. Thank you. 

Thanks for the update @Georgiana1, and I'm sorry to hear that this is ongoing.

Do please take this up with my colleague who I believe you've been working with over our private messaging function for further assistance and they will hopefully be able to get to the bottom of this for you as soon as possible.