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Rejoin as new customer

Joining in

My contract is up in June and I'm not happy with the offer that has been put to me. Can I cancel my contract and my son come in as a new customer without any time period being involved?




Knows their stuff

Its simple if no other fast BB providers (but may cost a bit more but cheaper than some of the crazy VM prices people been quoted). Go to now tv and sign up for monthly FTTC (no contract lock in). Wait 90 days or more to get the best new customer offers with bill credits or free TVs PLUS or cashback. Or if 4G/5G is good enough in your area, get a prepaid SIM card from Amazon or fleabay, and if you have a router like mine with capability for a dongle, plus that into your router and use that for a bit.

Hopefully when you return Ofcom might have got their finger out and stopped the unfair 18 month contracts with 2 unknown price increases in it and no escape clauses. This was the showstopper for me this time round, not the service or customer service (and the fact of a stupid price for 500mbps Broadband ONLY of £75.07). Legally the contract says you agree to the unknown figures - so if inflation was to jump to 13% - well you would have to pay 13% + 3.9% currently!