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Re: Virgin harassing me with multiple debt collection agencies.

Joining in

Same here. On about the 3rd debt agency for a dispute with this absolutely appalling company.

Virgin cleaned out my bank account adding engineer costs and raising my bill by 35% claiming that was fair with inflation. 

I was left with zero money for food or heating because of them.

No apologies nothing. So I left. And after starving me and leaving this disabled 55yr old cold for six days

They give my data to all and sundry. 

Disgusting practices by a Disgusting company imho.

14yrs I was a loyal customer too

So glad I went elsewhere. 

This lot would removed  can eat dinner in his space plane and gloat at us peasants from greater heights 

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From the latter part of your post, it seems you are indirectly referring to Richard Branson. "Dick" Branson does not own Virgin Media, it is owned by John C. Malone of Liberty Media (trading as Liberty Global). Only the branding of the name Virgin Media is licensed from Richard Branson for 8.5M per year. A lot of people do not know about this arrangement and think RB owns Virgin Media....

Joining in

I don't care who owns virgin media.  You don't leave 55yr old disabled people with no money for food or heating, because you've cleaned out their bank account for bogus engineer fee's. 

Virgin media are a total and utter disgrace