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Re: Re: Cheque refund not receive - 5 months and counting

Joining in

After contacting Virgin Media several times through its web chat, several members have confirmed that the amount (£382) due some would be paied, and that the not payment of my credit was caused by some sort of internal glitch. Virgin Media team for several times confirmed that the situation would be resolved asap and a check would be sent, or a bank transfer would be done. It never happened. Until now Virgin Media has not refund me in £382.00 for an early disconnection which was charged, and it is my right to receive it back as I moved to a property in an area in the UK which is not covered by Virgin Media.
This morning, I have raised a complaint to the Communication Ombudsman which was accepted. I have attached several evidence proving my multiple attempts to reach Virgin Media in hope to have this issue resolved.
Just to give an idea, this is the sort if commitment that Virgin Media team promised, confirmed but never happened:
"14:32, Mar 25
Syed: I will make sure that you will no longer repeat this again and the credit has been processed already on the account."
"11:59, May2
Simran: Alexandre, I am really sorry, Virgin Media has already sent the cheque from their end however due to some glitch it might have not reached you, I will go ahead make it as priority and make sure to send the cheque"
Now imagine if I was with some bill delayed with Virgin Media?? The provider would be cancelling my broadcast and asking some recovery company to come to my property and take my belongs. What about now that Virgin Media owes me a considerable amount of money for several months????